Success-Story: EPvalidation.ch by Oriti Patents, Lugano, CH

How moduulo.com can be used to implement an automatic order processing in a highly particular field of activity
By Oliver Gasser

The Company

Oriti Patents, Franco Oriti, is one of the leading IP Attorney in Lugano, Switzerland. As Franco cites the Austrian economist Joseph Schumpeter,

"innovation is a discovery application or the commercialization of an invention. In the moment in which the invention becomes an integral part of economic activity, that is, when it begins to have economic consequences, it becomes an innovation. To transform an invention into innovation , a Person or a Company must combine knowledge, skills and abilities, and information about the market, sufficient financial resources, and so on.

One of the biggest Industrialists and Entrepreneurs of the twentieth century, Henry Ford, has condensed this concept in his most famous slogan stating that "there is real innovation only when a technology is accessible to everyone."

These inventions need not only to be presented to the public but also protected. Oriti Patents offers a various range of services as registered Agent of the Swiss Federal Institute for Intellectual Property and also before EUIPO and Italy.

Problem to solve

When Franco first reached us, he was looking for an integrated solution. This solution should address his various issues with invoicing, fee collection, file handling and processing of orders.
One of the main issues was that he used several different tools to manage his business. He needed to emit several types of invoices under several 'company profiles'. From the promoting of the tool IPduedates (and handling donations) to invoice his customers for IP consulting, assuring the handling of EP validation services in Switzerland and Liechtenstein and renewal of registered Trademarks under www.tmrenewal.ch, all need to be included in one solution.
The second issue was Franco's wish to automate the process of  EP validation and TM renewal in CH/LI. He wanted to offer this service at a very competitive price. He was looking for a platform who could handle the order form (with very few particular data to be filled) and route the payment to his Stripe account upfront. The platform should also handle the upload of needed files such as Power of Attorney. Email contact was the tool of preference and even the invoice issuing was done manually with an excel file. This manual process was cost-intensive, time-consuming and with payment in arrear also connected to risk of later money collection. 
invoice visiosaas-oi.com

Photo by rawpixel.com from Pexels

Photo by Denny Müller on Unsplash

(Screenshots are from a test server and do not reflect real data in dashboard)

The solution

moduulo.com is the best fit for resolving Franco's problems. Multi-Company profiles for order, quote and invoicing is a main function. Each company profile has its own set of templates (with logo, colour etc.), set of banking data plus attached payment gateway. Franco could set up different behaviors for different aspects of his business.

The second great asset of moduulo.com is its possibility to configure frontend pages for every aspect of online businesses. Franco needed an order page with various fields to handle EP validation requests. In particular, he needed a possibility for uploading POA files (Power of attorney). Without these fields, he cannot proceed a validation before the Swiss Federal Institute of Intellectual Property.

Once everything is filled up by his customer, the request is passed to a Stripe payment screen, where his customer pays the required fees upfront.  If payment is successful, all data is passed to the backend and an invoice is automatically sent to the customer within 40 seconds. Franco can see all submitted data in the backend. As only the frontend is adapted to Franco's needs, all the other moduulo functions in the backend are always the same.

In a normal environment, every moduulo.com customer can manage order pages, shop pages and many more by using the integrated landing page creator. In Franco's case moduulo implemented a particular module for the special fields he required.

moduulo.com functions used

  • Specially configurated Order Page on Frontend
  • Order and Invoice functions
  • Payment Gateway Stripe
  • Automatic Email sending to customer with attached invoice
  • Automatic Email to Franco after each order
  • Panel for accessing all submitted EPvalidation data
  • Electronic archive 24/7

The benefits for Oriti Patents, Franco Oriti, Lugano, CH

The first benefit: Automated processing of all data. 

The second benefit: Payment is now up front, which represent a no risk for delay or no-payments of invoices. This allows Oriti Patents to offer this service for a much better price in a safer and faster way.

The third benefit: The usual backend is used for all the other activities of the Company. One tool for various profiles, one tool to handle all aspect of quoting and invoicing. Franco could streamline his internal processes reducing his administrative tasks by 32%.

moduulo, innovation for accounting practices

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